Stretcher with a motor driving system electric movements of all lying surfaces


Multifunctional by nature
Thanks to the constant commitment to innovation in its products, GIVAS presents SEATLINE-ELECTRIC,
the new multifunction stretcher with electric movements and a progressive motor driving system
for advanced mobility. All lying surface movements are activated by a multifunction hand control and a motorized retractable 5th wheel, and such features make SEATLINE-ELECTRIC functional for emergency procedures, comfortable in cases of inpatient observation and ideal for transporting heavy patients or during long paths of displacement.
Moreover, the total absence of structural elements in the thoracic and leg rest sections, together with a 100% radio-transparent lying surface, allow to perform X-rays on the whole length of the body surface.

Maximum efficiency in every detail
Light and stable, it stands out for its exceptional maneuverability thanks to the introduction of the new directional push handle
with DRIVE SYSTEM device, equipped with ergonomic grips and a motor-driven 5th wheel.
All movements are controlled by the backlit hand control,
and this provides a timely intervention in case of emergency,
while the pair of side-rails guarantees comfort and safety
for the patient.
At the base, 4 antistatic wheels (Ø 150 mm) combined with a
stable basement make this stretcher handy and practical to move.

0% efforts for operators, greater operational efficiency
The evolution of the hospital emergency room area required to make a stretcher that would cover not only the function of transport between departments, but rather the possibility of using it immediately in case of emergency operations.
Consequently, operational safety is of paramount importance, but Givas’s aim was to go beyond that: so they have created an assisted drive system thanks to a 5th motorized and retractable wheel, which is controlled by a system integrated on the push handle (DRIVE SYSTEM) that completely eliminates any efforts made by operators during long journeys or when transporting heavy patients.

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L 215 / P 80 / H 65-99 cm

Thanks to its continuous commitment to the innovation of its products, GIVAS is proud of presenting SEATLINE, the new multifunctional stretcher for treatments.
Its 4 functions activated by manual assisted controls operated through gas springs, and the oleo-dynamic raising system, make it suitable for transport, comfortable for patients, and functional for operators. The complete absence of structural elements on the thoracic and leg rest areas, and a lying surface that is 100% radio-transparent, allow to operate x-rays along the length of patient’s body.
SEATLINE new stretcher can thus be used for first aid, surgery, and specialized interventions.

Light and solid, SEATLINE stands out for its exceptional maneuverability thanks to the introduction of a new directional push handle with ergonomic grips and of a 5th wheel (optional). All movements controls, which are gathered together near the directional push handle, guarantee a rapidity of intervention in case of emergency. Side rails guarantee comfort and safety for the patient. At the base, n°4 wheels Ø 150 mm with antistatic system, together with a solid basement, makes the structure manageable
and handy for various movement.

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4-section stretchers on columns with adjustable height and Trendelenburg
L 213 / P 78 / H 56-88 cm
Thanks to a constant work at the innovation and improvement of its products, GIVAS now is proud of presenting:
New Slim line, the evolution of stretcher!
The new version of containment side rails, together with lateral bumpers bars, allow to have a more narrow and ergonomic shape, though keeping one of the most wider lying surfaces.
New Slim line reliability and versatility, recognized by health workers, place it as benchmark among competitive products.

The complete absence of structural elements between the lying surface and the x-ray cassette has allowed the insertion of chromed runners (standard) along the entire longitudinal area of the stretcher. In this way it is possible to carry out x-rays along the entire lenght of patient’s boby, avoiding his/her movement during most critical situations.
Furthermore, a distintictive configuration allows the application of x-ray cassette directly on backrest, permitting thus the execution of total chest x-ray, on a subject of average build.

The total radio-transparency is also guaranteed by lying surface sectors, made of self-supporting HPL (plastic, radio-transparent, laminate), 10 mm thickness.
Movements and wide dimensions of lying surfaces (both 2 and 4 sections) offer a high comfort both during intervenction phase and patient’s long stay.
The stretcher allows the use of x-ray image intensifier which can be inserted from both sides. Beneath the radio-transparent plane, at a distance of 20 mm to guarantee image maximum clearness, and along its entire lenght, there is a runners pair for the insertion of x-ray cassette. This last is endowed with position reference through red clasp necessary for its dragging.

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