innovates in the medical domain with as main objective the Therapeutic Progress. This means that the new products must bring a benefit to the patients in comparison with existing treatments. The activity is therefore driven by patient’s interest and not by the search for market shares by developing “me-too” drugs or devices.

The Therapeutic Progress can address the efficacy of the treatment in clincal practice, on the reduction of side effects, on the convenience of use or on the reduction of cost to the society and to the patients.

Action potentials : e-TNS and e-ONS

CEFALY Technology has a large expertise in the techniques used to trigger electrical action potentials on cranial nerves externally (external cranial neurostimulation). Currently, it can be performed by 2 approaches :


(external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation)


(external Occipital Nerve Stimulation)

Polarisation : t-DCS

CEFALY Technology has a large expertise in the technique used to modify the stand-by potential of the nervous cells of the cerebral cortex in order to increase or decrease the spontaneous activity of some parts of the brain. This technique is called transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS).


CEFALY Technology has acquired a deep expertise in the acquisition and analysis of biosignals. An integrated system (biofeedback) allows, for instance, to record action potentials of the face muscles in a very accurate way and to detect a simple eye blink.