L 223 / P 100 / H 40 – 77,5 cm

GIVAS presents VEGA-W, a revolutionary concept of electric bed, born from the synergy between our R&D Dept. and medical and nursing teams.
This partnership gave birth to a Technologic, Intuitive, Ergonomic and Efficient product that makes everyday assistance and sanitizing operations easier, thus increasing the patient’s comfort and independence.
Cutting edge safety and precision

The new VEGA-W is meant for weighing patients with temporary or permanent disability, within/at the doctor’s office, with the aim of diagnosing, treating and monitoring an adult patient* under the
close supervision of medical staff.
The bed is equipped with a weighing system integrated into the structure; it is composed of four weight sensors (certified load cells) placed at the four corners, thus ensuring the exact weight measurement in any position the lying surface and the patient may be.
The weight viewer allows to constantly monitor the patient,
throughout the treatment.
The display position can be chosen by the user, as it does not occupy any more space than the bed.
The 5-digit red-colored display (height of 2 cm) can be read from a distance;
Anti-blackout battery that allows autonomy and perfect functionality
even in the absence of electricity (10-hour autonomy).
Weighing scale capacity: 200 kg
Scale precision: 50/100g

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2 rototranslating sections – 4 sector side rails with integrated controls

L 221,5 / P 100 / 44,5-84,5 cm

The innovative range of THEOS beds presents a product that responds to four basics features:
Safety, Functionality, Ergonomics, Total Protection

The head/foot panels have been designed with the intention of respect safety, efficiency and ergonomics. The study and search, through the consideration of the laws, lead to the development of a product that for the first time is completely dedicated to the patient with an efficient help for the health workers.

Adjustable height realised through rectangular telescopic columns. Backrest and femoral sections are electrically operated through controls, while the footrest is operated through a gas-pump. During the lifting motion the femoral section lifts automatically in order to prevent the negative rotation of the knee. Backrest and femoral sections of the bed base move back automatically (110 + 40 mm) during rotation to reduce the compression of the thorax/pelvis.
The backrest during the rototranslating lifts up of 70 mm. Fixed pelvis section. The side rails corresponding to the backrest section follow the motions of the bed base while the ones of the femoral section are fixed. Made of POLYETHYLENE, medium density – one piece.

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2 rototranslating sections – 4-sector side rails

L 218 / P 100 / H 44,5-85 cm

The beds of VIRGO set represent a significant innovation in security, comfort and functionality, essential characteristics for the management of the area of hospitalization and treatment.
Sanitation operations are made more efficient and practical by simple removable and modular elements of the product. The procedures for disinfection of the bed derive significant benefits from the special composition of modular beds VIRGO. The elements provide a modular assembly without difficulty and make the bed easily configurable for each needs of hospital ward. The devices are designed to facilitate the operators in assistance and emergency situations, such as the positions of Trendelenburg and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). With VIRGO you can configure the bed with the chair position for counteracting the complications and inconveniences caused by the long and prolonged immobility of the patient. The pelvis section is fixed in order to avoid crushing of the diaphragm during the maximum inclination of sectors.
On the four corners there are the holes for the I.V stand and lifting pole. All the structure coverings, the side rails and head/foot panels allow quick cleaning operation. All coating materials are treated with antimicrobial Interpon 700 AB.

The structure is composed by four planes, 2 rototranslating sections, four sectors side rails made of polyethylene equipped with tilting indicator. The set of four motors (class IP66) ensures maximum safety together with a wide variety of movements: two motors on the basement covered by a carter made of ABS, contribute in a synchronous way to height adjustment, and in an asynchronous way to the movements of Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg.
The motors put under the lying surfaces activate the backrest and pelvis sections (through a rototranslating movement which allows the bed to reach the chair position for a better comfort of the patient); the pelvis section is fixed, while the legsection can be adjusted through a lever connected to a gas spring. The backrest section is equipped with backrest release for emergency situations.
The bed is completed by a free hand control, a battery and a central link ACO to lock and unlock all the movements. Every single section of the side rails can be put down separately, and as all the other plastic parts, can be easily washed and sanitized.

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