The Concept…The Mission

We' ve built a long standing relationship based on trust

Galien Medical Services (GMS) S.A.R.L, a private Lebanese company with limited liability, is specialized in providing expert services and quality products to the healthcare field, especially to the medical and paramedical areas.

Although Galien Medical Services S.A.R.L has prudently and proactively launched its activity in a highly competitive marketplace, the company is privileged to have strategic partnerships; it wins the confidence of global suppliers from Europe and America, and represents them exclusively in the Lebanese market as well as in the Middle East region.

Galien Medical Services S.A.R.L exploits its efforts to market and reinforce certain products; to support, assist and boost the local representatives in the Middle East countries, through its offices located in Beirut.

While Galien Medical Services S.A.R.L is delighted on being able to offer particular flexibility and facility to its customers , it very much considers and insures local and global technical trainings for doctors, engineers, biomedical engineers and / or any other associated users to its products. The company is also devoted to offer extremely professional and efficient sales and after sales services through its competently trained, experienced and dedicated team.

Customer Service

Galien Medical Services offers a wide range of products monitored; we likewise offer after sale services and full support. Note that Demo units are available upon request. Our company also provides a comprehensive range of spare parts for all of our products, and backup units for most of the items are available in case failure occurs We leverage the technical knowledge of our highly qualified and trained biomedical engineers and hotlines to offer quick response times and fast diagnoses and optimize spare parts availability to maximize uptime for our customers.

Our Services

Galien Medical Services S.A.R.L has a diversified agencies portfolio and range of products with particular emphasis on the medical and surgical areas:

  • Medical supplies division
  • Surgical supplies division
  • Service division
  • Healthcare consultancy and Advisory services division

The medical supplies division represents a basic and effective section of the company. It provides high medical products, equipments and consumable supplies manipulated in ICUs, CCUs and other departments, including physiotherapy and movement analysis, in the private as well as in the public sectors’ hospitals, clinics and medical centers.

Galien Medical Services S.A.R.L offers an exceptional range of products in various fields such as vascular, neurology, physiotherapy, urology, cosmetic, family medicine to name a few.

Galien Medical Services’ commitment to “quality” and “excellence”  facilitates offering valuable products to the operating theaters in the private and public sectors’ hospitals, clinics and medical centers:

the surgical supplies division includes a variety of high surgical instruments, implants and consumables.

  • Maintenance of medical equipment is secured by well trained and highly professional technicians / engineers.
  • Routine preventive maintenance and preliminary repairs may be locally carried out at the company’s service division facility.  Major repairs and breakdowns of custom-made sensitive instruments or equipments are referred to the respective manufacturers / principals.
  • Customers benefit from an uninterrupted service during emergency situations: necessary spare parts and some spare units of sensitive major equipment used in professional procedures are then retained from the company’s inventory and provided to clients.

Galien Medical Services S.A.R.L has an extensive expertise and ability to deliver TURNKEY PROJECTS and solutions (for hospitals, medical centers, specialized centers, laboratories…) in Lebanon and the Middle East region. It adds another feather to its cap by providing healthcare consultancy and advisory services including the following:

  • Engineering drawings and layouts details
  • Equipment and furniture requirements, procurement and purchasing
  • Evaluation of specialty clinics
  • Budgeting
  • Equipment installation and start up; Logistics in equipment installation, transportation and service
  • Warrantee maintenance and service continuity advices
  • Logistics in equipment installation, transportation and service
  • Others…

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